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Everything is Better When it is Preferred.

Preferred Warranty



Rest easy knowing you have 50 year non-prorated Tru PROtection to pay for material defects and the labor to replace them. 



In addition, receive a 10 year workmanship protection. If your roof has leaks result of the application Owens Corning covers all costs of labor and materials. 


An excellent investment if planning to sell, offer a highly desirable benefit to future buyers with a one time transfer.

Algae Resistance

  25-year algae resistance.

Common Questions

What does limited lifetime warranty mean? 

Limited coverage means your warranty is in effect for manufacturing defects as long as you own your home. 

What is the Tru PROtection Period? 

Coverage including cost of labor and materials which varies based on selected warranty.

Who is authorized to provide an extended warranty? 

Preferred Contractors are the only ones authorized to provide an extended warranty. 

How do I transfer my warranty? 

Warranties can be transferred within 60 days with the standard warranty or 20 years with the preferred warranty. To do this you may call 1-800-ROOFING or visit

How do I file a claim for my warranty? 

How do I get my warranty? 

Please ask a Nailed Down Roofing associate about which warranty is right for you!

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