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Recommended to be done twice a year we offer homeowners a complimentary inspection. The inspection evaluates the current condition of the roof and differentiates storm damage to the aging process. 


Our first meeting is simply strangers becoming friends. We consider the importance of your goals to be put into place with your homes value and safety. 


No roof is ever the same. For this reason, attention to detail is urgent for the proper course of action. We analyze the findings with the best possible solutions available to the given situation. 


If required after the inspection; we will provide services of a temporary repair or tarp to contain problematic areas. 

Digital File

Once the contract is signed you provide us allowance to prepare a secured digital file with pertinent information that will allow us to represent the handling of your project. All necasary information we gather is uploaded to the cloud that we can access at anytime to be prepared to handle your claim anytime and anywhere. 

Electronic Contract

We want you to know what is going on with your largest investment. For that reason we have developed an easy to read contract. It acknowledges items such as; scope of work, claim representation, workmanship, materials, and financials. No gimmicks, no pressure, no broken promises. 


Waiting for the adjuster inspection date, we run satellite aerial imaging which allows us to provide measurements for your home.  Results yield 99% accuracy down to the inch without having to take a step on your roof. 

Claim Call

As your expert and guiding hand, we will walk you through the claims process to initiate the claim. Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy.

Defense Shield

In the event your insurance company should try to deny the claim, we are prepared to put in work. Our jaw dropping behind the scenes action puts the homeowner back in control. We develop a  personalized case specific to your file in effort to negotiate any discrepancies for full approval. 

Adjuster Meeting

The adjuster day is the most critical part of the claims process. We arrive to represent you, making sure no storm damages are overlooked. The adjuster arrives to represent the insurance company in effort to determine the extent of loss. Upon completion they will submit the results to the desk adjuster to determine a settlement. 

Color Selection

We did the research to provide you with quality products in Owens Corning. Inspired by the features combined with the aesthetically pleasing options all that is left for you is to review digital color board. Once we narrow down colors of interest; we provide photoshopped images of your home, shingle sample boards, and previously completed homes aerials. 


Once fully approved, the desk adjuster will release an Actual Cash Value check (ACV). ACV is defined as the current value based on age/condition. The check may require a third party endorsement such as a mortgage. This check included with the deductible is the material deposit to schedule work.

Classic Blue Tarp

The classic blue tarps will be placed around the foundation to protect the home from debris. 

Homeowner Prep

Prep day is specifically designed for the homeowner. It is generally a 15-30 minute overview of the scheduled build. Oversees the homeowner requirements, provides build information, and answers any last minute questions. 

The Equipter (service fee)

The equipter is undeniably a must have for homeowners. A portable dump that lifts to the rooftop allowing less debris to touch the ground compared to regular tarping. 

The Catch All (setup fee)

Homes with landscaping now have reassurance with the new ventilated netting system. This system offers extra protection from debris and puts control to falling waste. This tool direct makes sure there will be no direct impact to the garden and is breathable. 

Sheathing (wood)

Decking is the second foundation to your home. It provides integrity to hold the weight of a roofing system while being the grip that holds nails in place. In the event bad wood is found, it is critical to remove and replace wood.Bad decking generally tends to occur from storm damages, improper ventilation, negligence, and poor quality roofing materials that allow moisture to penetrate.  


Some try and cut this expense to budget offering a layover. The short term value gained from not providing a full tear-off greatly exceeds the long term benefit. Decking is not properly inspected, underlayment is not properly renewed, creates poor ventilation, and puts twice the weight on decking and framing. Roofs in this situation are likely to fail sooner then their expected life. 

Material Replacement

The renewal of your home done with peace in mind. A color scheme of your desire tagged along with upgraded state of the art materials in Owens Corning. Our crews have extended experience of 10+ years matched with tools to get the job done quickly and with craftsmanship.


The dumpster is utilized during the tear off and final stages of clean up. Its main use is during tear off, as the equipter is capable of driving waste and dumping debris into the dumpster like a dump truck. Once the final cleanup Is complete the dumpster is rolled off site. No waiting for 3rd parties to deliver and pickup!


Upon completion we do an overview of your satisfaction as your home is restored to an upgraded state. Additionally completion photos are taken for insurance as well as aerials.


The end of the build has 2 thorough sweeps  for nails and debris with magnetic rollers.

Material Warranty Options  (Manufacture Fees)

As a preferred Owens Corning contractor we have more available options to homeowners. There is a 60 day grace period to choose between the free standard warranty, system protection warranty, and preferred protection.

Final Check

At the end of the build we provide all documentation for the insurance to release depreciation and costs not associated in the original estimate so no out of pocket expense is incurred or passed on to you. 

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We did 5 star work for you and hope you return us with a 5 star rating!

Pay it Forward

After the completion of your home we have established a cash back program. This program is implemented upon completion of two simple requirements. A review and accepted referral upon completion to put deductible cash back in your pocket. 


If you are a poor sport it is good you chose us as your teammate because all we are doing is winning.The value of your property has increased, your premium now has qualifiers for reduced rates with a brand new roof, and and your home looks complete with a limited lifetime warranty. Won.

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