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Same as Cash

3-60 Months 

- Percentage based loan fee (2-20%)

- Packaged 0% or deferred interest

Short Term

60-90 Months 

- Percentage based loan fee (0-6%)

- Packaged 7-13% Interest 

Long Term

120-180 Months 

- Percentage base loan fee (0-10%)

- Packaged 3-10% Interest

Your homes road to recovery is an affordable monthly payment away!

Why loans may serve as best short term solution, providing long term results.

Broken Bridge Method

Our motto is that we compete with ourselves daily. Bidding requires "less" of something and we are only equipped to provide you the best of "everything". Bidding wars generally results in overpromising and underdelivering. 


A homeowners largest mistake is patching the beginning stages of total failure. It is almost always more expensive in the long run after devaluation and continuous damages. 

Money is Secured

2022 is the craziest market we have seen in decades with supply chain shortages and  inflation. A loan offers a peace of mind with financial security to properly maintain your home with a set budget. 

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